Hon Nanaia Mahuta

The Hon Nanaia Mahuta is a constituent MP for the Hauraki-Waikato seat with 20 plus years’ experience in ‘flax-root’ politics.

Nanaia Mahuta is: Minister for Local Govt and Min for Maori Development, and Associate Min for Environment.

Nanaia is  married and has  two children and  lives close to her home marae Turangawaewae at Ngaruawahia.  She has  strong links to the Māori King Movement.

Nanaia is a tribal member of Waikato-Tainui, Ngāti Maniapoto and Ngāti Manu and her  parliamentary experience has enabled her to contribute to the collective aspirations of Maori and all New Zealanders.


Keynote Finding a new level: The UK’s Utilities Journey. David Smith

The UK has been a hot bed of innovation and change in the way utilities are owned, operated, organized, and regulated to deliver their duties and service.   Looking particularly at the UK water industry, but also other utilities, there are many lessons to learn from things that went well and things that didn’t go so well, and also the many different approaches that have been tried by various utility companies.  David will explore the drivers, challenges, and key learnings on the journey to improve the UK water sector and reach a new level of service and performance.  David will also look at other UK utilities and also share some insights from utility arrangements around the world.

David is the Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Stantec with over 40 years’ experience predominantly in the UK water market. He has a proven ability to drive business growth, manage operations, and lead large-scale consulting assignments and infrastructure delivery programmes. Specifically, David has first-hand knowledge of the UK water reform journey and the different investment and delivery approaches of various suppliers in their attempt to deliver the programmes of work required by the water regulator (OFWAT). He holds a number of board director positions, and is a passionate leader on Health & Safety, undertaking site audits to positively reinforce H&S culture.

David holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Civil Engineering, a Master of Business Administration, and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Programme, Harvard Business School. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Institution of Civil Engineers.

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The Road Asset Management Plan – Make it, test it and sell it. Mike Holeszko

Asset management by definition is the practice of managing the entire lifecycle of an asset. For a road, the purist engineer designs a pavement for an expected 20 year life taking into account many factors such as; subgrade resilience, expected commercial traffic loading, and environmental effects such as underground water or rainfall. Classic failure is defined as a 20mm rut due to repetitive loading over the design life.

In truth many existing pavements have well and truly exceeded their design life but are still in service. They have suffered the ravages of time including failure of the seal coat (oxidisation, poor design, stripping, gone fatty etc.), prolonged periods between reseals, too narrow for modern traffic volume and size, poorly maintained drainage systems, poor shoulder maintenance, and a lack of funding to keep them in serviceable condition. Typically they may exhibit conditions such as; cracking, rutting, roughness, poor seal texture, or resemble a patch work quilt through extensive patching.

Through technology we have arrived at a point in time where road managers can move from empirical funding allocations based on intuitive and experience based knowledge in one’s head to high speed detailed pavement condition capture via a survey vehicle and sophisticated analytical financial software. Additionally maintenance defect software allows collection, logging and pricing of defects to create defect backlog lists.

The perennial problem still exists of convincing those potentially non-technical, financial controlling folk as to an appropriate level of funding to adequately service the needs of the desired asset lifecycle.

This paper recognises the role of salesmanship, of pitching and selling a product or concept to a selected audience. The selected audience needs to feel a connection to the concepts presented, feel there is truth in the data and feel compelled to, in this case, fund (or buy) the proposal (or product).

The author presented a paper in 2004 about Road Condition Indices following the achievement of a successful pitch convincing the regional management team of where funds should be allocated. These indices were presented in a graphic format with various columns stacked upon each other (affectionately known as Chimney Stacks).

  • The road network was split into groupings by road function/category and compared road features within that subset (apples with apples).
  • Deficiencies only appeared graphically if they were below an indicative state of acceptable condition.
  • Road importance was graphically represented by Equivalent Standard Axles (ESAs).
  • The maximum value used to calculate an index was in some cases a statistical maximum just to eliminate very high isolated results. This provided better graphic representation of the population.

In the 13 years from 2004 the author has become acutely aware that selling the idea or any idea requires a pitch that may differ depending on your customer. For example engineers can be heavily swayed by a detailed engineering data and calculations rather than a fluffy concept. Politicians from a non-technical background could be driven by a different pitch. This paper elaborates on the RCI concept and how to orientate your pitch to gain maximum purchase of your argument.

Mike commenced with Queensland Department of Main Roads in 1985 and worked with them for 28 years in all facets of engineering within District operations.  For the last 5 years Mike has been the Maintenance Engineering Coordinator for Southern Downs Regional Council.

Career highlights

  • 22 years as an Registered Professional Engineer Queensland,
  • Being a mentor and coach for junior engineers
  • 2016/17 submitted and awarded 15 out of 15 Black Spot Projects for Southern Downs Regional Council.
  • Main Roads District Representative to Black Spot and Safer Roads Sooner State Technical Committee for 4 years,
  • Winner 2007 Roads Alliance Excellence Awards
  • Leadership Excellence Winner 2005 Roads Alliance Excellence Awards – “Innovation in joint purchasing and/or resource sharing”
  • Merit Award 2006 Main Roads Excellence Awards Business – Innovation and Improvement
  • Winner 2006 Australian Safer Communities Award – Pre disaster Winner 2006 Queensland Safer Communities Awards – Pre disaster Winner 2005 Queensland Road Safety Awards – State Government Initiatives
  • Winner Geoff Wilmoth Award 2004 and again 2017 – Best Paper IPWEAQ Conference
  • Personal Interests include: Grain feeding cattle, gardening, fishing, Sci-Fi movies, being in the great outdoors, and last but not least spending quality time with my family.

Keynote: The criticality of people in the sustainability of infrastructure management service delivery in New Zealand. Ross Waugh

Everyone in public works service delivery knows about the skills shortage.  It is about to get a lot worse.  The problem and the solution are found in the Maori phrase He tangata, it is the people.

It is increasingly recognised that we are facing a major Engineering skills shortage in NZ.  The reality is that this skills shortage is much wider than just engineering skills and is across the whole stack of skills needed to deliver public works services to our communities.  This is becoming a core issue in our ability to sustainably deliver public works service levels in NZ, and is projected to get progressively worse over the next decade.

This presentation and accompanying paper will review the size and breadth of the skills shortage.  An overview will be provided of the current range of education, industry and government initiatives in place to address the skills shortage.

The infrastructure management and service delivery impacts of the skills shortage will be unpacked including impacts on risks, quality, sustainability, procurement and service delivery cost. The adequacy of current responses to the industry skills shortage, the role of technology, expert systems, artificial intelligence and examination of possible additional industry responses will conclude the presentation.

Ross Waugh is the founder of Waugh Infrastructure Management and is an asset management and systems integration specialist with over 30 years’ experience in municipal infrastructure asset management and engineering.  Ross has been consulting in infrastructure management for 20 years this year, in the areas of transportation, utilities, community facilities, buildings and property.
Ross has contributed to a number of New Zealand national data capture, research, advisory, government enquiry, and infrastructure standard setting projects, and is a section author of the International Infrastructure Management Manual 2011 and 2015.
Ross has experience of seven cycles of integrating infrastructure asset management planning with long term financial planning within the New Zealand context.  He has also completed infrastructure asset management assignments in Australia and the Pacific.

An update on the economy. Tony Alexander

Tony will provide us with an update on the economy.

Tony has been employed as Chief Economist at the Bank of New Zealand, since 1994 with responsibilities including informing senior management about economic developments and prospects, risks and opportunities, and provision of services for the bank’s staff and client base. He is an accomplished public speaker much in demand and each year delivers between 80 and 130 presentations at bank seminars, conferences, and client functions around the country and offshore. He writes and distributes material directly to 15,000 email recipients with extensive links from other websites. www.tonyalexander.co.nz

Prior to joining the BNZ Tony worked as principal economist at a stock broking firm in Wellington and before that as Research Officer then Treasury Economist with Westpac Bank initially in Sydney, Australia, then New Zealand from 1987. He holds a Master of Arts degree (first class honours) from the University of Canterbury.

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Better never stops – Dr Paul Wood

Dr Paul Wood will talk about his personal transformation from imprisoned delinquent to doctor of psychology. He will us this inspiring story to illustrate the universal steps involved in taking ownership of your own development, learning to identify and overcome the thoughts and beliefs that hold us back, and cultivating the necessary mindset and approach to  turn adversity to your advantage, unlock your potential, and increase your life satisfaction and wellbeing.

Dr Paul Wood is a leadership and emotional intelligence expert that assists organisations in their pursuit of excellence. Paul works with everyone from Google to the Hurricanes and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and other media outlets. His presentation at TEDx Auckland, the largest TEDx event in the world, has received more than 300,000 views on YouTube and was named one of the Top 10 TED talks by the New Zealand Herald. Paul’s passion for transformational change comes from his own journey from delinquent to doctor.

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At Calibre, we understand the challenges faced by public works organisations today and are committed to providing solutions that are locally appr

opriate and sustainable in the long-term.  We work collaboratively with clients to fulfil their legislative and business improvement requirements and serve the interests of all involved communities.  From delivering viable and cost-effective buildings and infrastructure, to providing proactive planning or asset management solutions, our team of specialist practitioners can help you implement your best investment.

Higgins delivers a comprehensive range of civil construction and road maintenance services across urban and rural areas. Our team of 1600 people across New Zealand and in Fiji have a ‘customer no.1’ focus to deliver the very best to our customers in performance quality, agility and efficiency.  The foundation of our business is the ‘Higgins values’ which shape our behaviours and make us a great place to work and good people to work with.

Stantec New Zealand.  Communities are fundamental. Whether around the corner or across the globe, they provide a foundation, a sense of place and of belonging. That’s why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind. We care about the communities we serve—because they’re our communities too. We’re designers, planners, engineers, scientists, and project managers, innovating together at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. Balancing these priorities results in projects that advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. Stantec trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol STNwww.stantec.com/NewZealand

Waugh Infrastructure Management is a niche consultancy that assists governments and councils with the full range of infrastructure asset management planning, from strategic planning and policy development, through to operational service delivery.
Waugh Infrastructure Management provides industry leadership within the New Zealand local government infrastructure management field, developing widely used guidance and templates designed to meet legislative and industry requirements.
Waugh Infrastructure Management are infrastructure management specialists with wide domain expertise, who enjoy being part of your team and assisting in delivering the outcomes you require.



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Aon is the only insurance broker in New Zealand with a fully integrated range of risk consulting services which includes Business Interruption and Claims Consulting, Risk Engineering and Consulting, Valuation Services and Fire Protection and Sprinkler Services.

The Aon Global Risk Consulting (AGRC) team subject matter experts help clients understand and improve their risk profile, protect their interests, and optimise their business profitability and organisational resilience.

Aon’s AGRC team works directly with Aon insurance brokers, meaning our clients only deal with one organisation for all their risk management and insurance services from risk understanding, risk mitigation (including quote and insurance placement), to claims handling and advocacy. www.aon.co.nz



With an eye for innovation and an ear for our customer’s needs, Australasia Moulding Ltd brings world class products to the New Zealand water industry, together with first class customer service.

Exclusive distributors of injection moulded polypropylene manhole chamber technology from ROMOLD GmbH, and merchants of Saint-Gobain PAM ductile iron covers and grates, Australasia Moulding Ltd has a focus on value-added solutions. If you are serious about achieving durable solutions for wastewater or storm water projects, then contact us to find out what Australasia Moulding Ltd can do for you.


Beca is one of the largest professional services consultancies in the Asia Pacific region with 3000-plus professionals spread across 19 offices. We combine our skills and insights with those of our clients, using the power of partnerships to think, design and develop creative solutions together. While our experience has been 99 years in the making, it is the fresh talent we’re nurturing, the innovative thinking we’re developing and the connections that we’re forging that get us most excited for the future.


beforeUdig is a FREE online national referral service designed to assist in preventing damage and disruption to New Zealand’s vast infrastructure networks which provide essential services we all use every day.
Our primary goal is to reduce damage to our Members’ infrastructure assets which may result in risk to life and loss and harm to the community.
Safety is a fundamental aspect of any excavation project and beforeUdig should always be the first point of contact before any excavation work begins: Don’t find those hidden underground assets by accident.
Login or Register at www.beforeUdig.co.nz  for a FREE account or freephone 0800 B4UDIG during business hours to submit your enquiry for FREE asset location information and plans.


Plan A is Australasia’s most experienced tender specialist company. Our 15-strong international team has provided support to suppliers for every aspect of tendering since 1998. We work alongside internal tender teams, bringing independence, broad experience, insight from evaluators who work with our sister company Clever Buying (see below), and passion for helping our clients to win tenders. Our team comprises:

  • Bid Writers
  • Bid Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Short-list presentation coaches
  • Proof readers, formatters and editors
  • Peer reviewers and shadow evaluators

See www.PlanAWriters.com, contact us on info@PlanAWriters.com or phone 0800 752 622
We’re your expert one-stop-shop for practical support, training and independent advice on all aspects of procurement. Services include:

  1. Developing RFx documents
  2. Tender evaluations
  3. Procurement training
  4. Procurement procedures and manuals
  5. NZQA/ NZTA tender evaluator assessments
  6. Probity auditing

See www.cleverbuying.com or phone 0800 225 005


Conhur specialises in dredging and dewatering sludge and silts, sludge surveys, digester cleaning and large bore PE pipe welding. Since 1999, we have  earned a reputation as an innovative and professional contractor, with a history of completing projects on time and budget, while maintaining exemplary quality and safety standards.


Exeloo crafts public toilets with intelligence and a design approach that is second to none.
Built to Last – Our public toilets are manufactured using the finest materials for long life and with sustainability in mind
Social Inclusion – Exeloo creates hygienic, comfortable and respectful environments for all people and all abilities
Safety and Security – As a specialist we understand the safety dynamics of public toilets.  Use our experience to design the best solution for your project.
Hygiene – Exeloo has pioneered touchless systems that minimise direct contact with toilet surfaces and help keep toilet cubicles refreshed.
www.exeloo.comToll Free 0800 393 566


Ecoflow – Specialists in resilient pressurised sewer networks

Ecoflow bring to the market the most cost effective, resilient and intelligent sewer systems in the world. We are proud to have converted many New Zealand townships over from septic tanks to proper reticulated sewer networks using pressurised sewer with E/One Grinder Pumps. Failing septic tanks are a widespread environmental hazard for New Zealand. With over 13,000 Grinder pumps operating across 15 different Councils, pressurised sewer is well accepted in both septic tank replacements and greenfield developments due to its resilience, small diameter shallow pipes, low infiltration and low whole of life costs.


Elevo is a CAA Part 102 Certificated drone operator, providing commercial drone services to asset and infrastructure engineers and owners across New Zealand.

Our core business is asset inspections, with experience gained from inspecting over 2000 structures including buildings, bridges, pipelines, flare stacks and railway stations. Our clients save time and money using our inspection data for maintenance planning, RFPs, project management and as-built verification. We also keep our client’s employees safe by providing site surveys and 3D mapping, water sampling, cable stringing and traffic monitoring all from the air.

Find us in the exhibition hall to discuss how drone services can help your organisation.



EROAD is one of Australasia’s leading transportation technology and services company.

It is a leading provider of health and safety compliance services, chain of responsibility products, including vehicle inspection, driver behaviour, tax management, and performance measures

EROAD’s in-vehicle technology and global electronic platform enables customers to efficiently utilize their capital and reduce the costs associated with fleet operations and management. Security and accuracy of data is off primary concern in EROAD’s independently tested platform, you can rely on these to provide credible insight and competitive advantage.


Fulton Hogan is a major resource-based civil contracting company, providing a broad range of products and services in the roading, 3 waters, rail, quarrying, civil construction, infrastructure maintenance and land development sectors. This experience has shaped a company that prides itself on pioneering new engineering  and construction techniques. Our commitment is to complete all projects in a timely manner, in accordance  with the highest  health and safety environmental practices.


GRAF – Design and manufacturing of high-quality products for Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Management, Wastewater Treatment and Oil/Grease Separation.

The GRAF brand has been synonymous with high-quality plastic products. The company was founded in 1962 to market plastic containers and within five decades has become the European market leader in Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Management, Wastewater Treatment and Oil/Grease Separation.

Sustainability is a key focus for GRAF and they have invested in their own state of the art recycling facility to reuse plastic waste and convert it back to high quality granular material.


Hygrade Products Limited is New Zealand’s leading supplier of world leading products for the watermain and drainage industry. The comprehensive range includes a full range of valves, pipe fittings, access covers and grates, and related specialist hardware products for civil and municipal applications throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.


Hychem International Pty Ltd are a formulator, manufacturer and supplier of a range of products for infrastructure remediation and protection.  Our range includes: Epoxy coatings, Rapid repair mortars, Geopolymer structural liners, PU injection grouts, trafficable membranes. We offer technical advice and specifications in a large range of specialist applications including water infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, marine structures, geotech, waterproofing, industrial flooring and concrete remediation.



illion is the leading independent provider of trusted data and analytics products and services in Australasia, with the company’s consumer and commercial credit registries representing a core element of New Zealand and Australia’s financial infrastructure.

illion leverages its consumer and commercial credit registries, which comprise data on over 20 million individuals and over 2.5 million active companies, to provide end-to-end customer management solutions to clients in the financial services, telecommunications, utilities and government sectors.

illion’s product and service offering spans the full customer lifecycle, from lead generation and sales prospecting, to credit risk assessment and decisioning (including associated SaaS products), and, ultimately, receivables optimisation.


For 70 years, The Institute of Management New Zealand has transformed talented people into valuable managers, visionary leaders and global executives.

We craft courses, programmes, events and professional recognition for tomorrow’s leaders, enabling them to reach their full potential. We deliver flexible, current training in leadership and management that are practical and professional for every career stage. As a not- for- profit we do it because the leaders we help create today will be reflected in the New Zealand they create tomorrow.


Jeff Booth Consulting Ltd specialises in water engineering consultancy services. We supply network modelling and decision support software from Innovyze, who is a global leader in the development of water modelling, asset management and mobile field data capture solutions. We also supply datalogging solutions to enhance reticulation management. www.jeffboothconsulting.co.nz


In 18 months, LookSee Build has brought together a group of over 50 New Zealand based consultancies, contractors, councils and government on a shared mission – to future proof the engineering and construction industry – by attracting the world’s best talent to New Zealand.

Flipping the traditional recruitment process on its head, LookSee Build takes opportunities to the world, and in turn, brings a world of highly skilled talent back to New Zealand every month to explore opportunities, projects and careers across New Zealand.


McBerns commenced operations in Australia in 1991 and has been operating in the NZ marketplace for over 18 years, supplying SCIRT, NZ Water Authorities and contractors with Safety Access Covers and Odour Control Filters.

  • Safety Access Covers are custom designed and manufactured to suit any site requirements. They are setting new standards in design and manufacture, incorporating operational safety with functionality and design flexibility.
  • Odour Filter Range eliminates 99.9% odorous emissions. Our Odour filters incorporate ease of operation, effectiveness and cost efficiencies. We have filters to suit domestic situations through to large industrial sites.www.mcberns.com


Morphum Environmental is an environmental engineering, land development, environmental science and sustainability consultancy with offices in New Zealand and Australia.  We offer services in civil engineering, three waters, environmental assessments, land development, planning, water sensitive urban design, geospatial services, sustainability strategy and community education initiatives.  Our multi-disciplinary team provide pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

Practical sustainability is a key value for Morphum which underpins all our work.  The team view the influence Morphum has on our clients, advocating for and implementing sustainable practices and technologies, as being at the heart of our contribution to a more sustainable New Zealand.  We have been CarboNZero accredited since 2011.




NZIHT (NZ Institute of Highway Technology Ltd) is an academic training organisation that delivers training both nationally and internationally, offering formal qualifications from certificates to post-graduate level and, in addition, a diverse portfolio of over 200 short courses for industry employees furthering their education. We specialise in the delivery of skills and training across all sectors of the roading, engineering, civil construction and oil and gas industries.  www.nziht.co.nz


Pipeworks, a Fletcher Construction business, is focused on the pipeline rehabilitation market.  PipeWorks delivers international trenchless technology and project management matched with strong local knowledge and experience.

  • Cured in Place Pipe
  • Horizontal Direction Drilling
  • Drainlaying
  • Manhole Rehabilitation
  • No Dig Spot Repairs
  • CCTV Pipeline Inspections
  • Sludge dredging and dewatering

PipeWorks differentiates itself with ’State of the Art’ equipment, highly skilled staff, superb quality and excellent health safety. www.pipeworks.co.nz


RAMM Software Ltd provides exceptional road assess management software to councils, their consultants and their contractors. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the RAMM suite of applications, as our aim is to deliver to our customers, the most productive software experience, at the best possible price.


RCP are New Zealand’s leading independent provider of project management and strategic advisory services to New Zealand’s property, infrastructure and public sectors. Our 22 years’ experience delivering the country’s most prominent, award-winning projects has sharpened our management methodologies to allow us to deliver value beyond expectation, every time. Along with core project management services, we have strong experience working with local authorities to develop streamlined delivery frameworks, optimise capex programmes and provide business case support. RCP provides nationwide coverage with presence in seven key centres. www.rcp.co.nz


The Road Efficiency Group (REG) is a partnership between NZ Transport Agency, LGNZ and local government, targeting business excellence across the transport sector.

Using best practice advice through workshops and case studies, REG is supporting the sector to make smart investment decisions based on robust activity planning based on quality data. REG has enhanced the tools available for measuring your performance.

REG is showcasing how the new tools and reporting can assist your organisation in getting the best out of your investment decision-making.

RST Environmental Solutions Ltd
provides a comprehensive range of products and services for erosion, sediment and dust control, slip repair and water treatment solutions. It also has an environmental training and auditing division that can monitor sites for environmental compliance.


SuperSealing is a market leader in the road maintenance and construction industry, specialising in crack sealing. Since 2003, SuperSealing established long-term relationships with councils, civil contractors and leading road maintenance organisations. Our reputation has been built on our reliability, quality of work, value for money and high levels of service. SuperSealing aims at improving the effectiveness of constructing and maintenance roads and services by utilising high quality products, systems, services and solutions. SuperSealing places the highest priority on OH&S with our fully integrated management system providing the framework for our continuous improvement.


Wagners CFT Manufacturing are the leaders in design and supply of composite structure, specializing in boardwalks/viewing platforms/pedestrian bridges, wharfs & jetties, as well as remote location road bridges. Longevity and zero maintenance is our Mantra.
The testing conducted by the University of NSW for accelerated weathering and life expectancy exceeds 75 years, and that’s before we put our final coats of Vitricon 7000 two pack polyester paint on. The testing confirms that our use of the highest quality vinyl ester resin, and the highest quality glass fibre, plus the best UV inhibitors and veils available, puts Wagners CFT streets ahead of any other material for longevity and maintenance free performance.


Wellington Water is a shared service, council-controlled organisation jointly owned by the Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt and Wellington city councils and Greater Wellington Regional Council. We manage the three water networks (drinking water, stormwater and wastewater) on behalf of our client councils and provide advice on how best to invest in their future development.

We employ approximately 200, staff and manage expenditure on behalf of our clients of approximately $175 million per annum, to maintain and develop three water Assets worth $5.8 billion.





InterContinental Hotel (closest venue)

Rate: King bedded room: $249 per night(room only basis)

InterContinental Wellington is located adjacent to the  waterfront and within close walking distance to popular attractions and five kilometres from the airport.

The hotel is totally non smoking and recently completed a major refurbishment.  All rooms are tastefully furnished with the usual facilitates you would expect of a superior hotel.

Ibis Hotel Wellington

Rates: Queen or twin bedded rooms $189 (room only basis)

Ibis Wellington is in the heart of the city near the bustle of Lambton Quay and just a few minutes walk to the ASB Arena. Limited secure parking is available at the hotel and bookings are essential.

Rooms are compact but include the usual facilities of a moderate hotel


Novotel Wellington

Rate: King / Twin Rooms $219 (room basis only)

Our 4.5 Star Novotel Wellington is located in the heart of the CBD, close to iconic attractions – Gallipoli Exhibition at Te Papa created by Oscar winning Weta Workshop and the Sir Peter Jackson-inspired Great War commemoration. The Cable Car, Botanical Gardens and the Waterfront are all within walking distance. Enjoy Harbour views of the city in our modern rooms designed with splashes of colour and comfort. Direct access to Lambton Quay will see you in the centre of Wellington’s shopping district.

Rydges Wellington

Rate: Superior / King $229 (room basis only

With sweeping harbour and city views, Rydges Wellington offers 4.5-star accommodation with a wealth of leisure and business amenities as well as free Wi-Fi throughout. It provides a luxury spa and sauna in addition to an indoor lap pool and fitness studio. All rooms of Rydges Wellington feature their own iPad as well as an iPod docking station and a flat-screen TV. All are air conditioned and offer a coffee maker, a kitchenette and a mini bar. The hotel is close to Lambton Quay Cable Car Station, making it easy for guests to explore Wellington and its surrounding areas. Westpac Stadium and Sacred Heart Cathedral are each within walking distance.