Keynote Finding a new level: The UK’s Utilities Journey. David Smith

The UK has been a hot bed of innovation and change in the way utilities are owned, operated, organized, and regulated to deliver their duties and service.   Looking particularly at the UK water industry, but also other utilities, there are many lessons to learn from things that went well and things that didn’t go so well, and also the many different approaches that have been tried by various utility companies.  David will explore the drivers, challenges, and key learnings on the journey to improve the UK water sector and reach a new level of service and performance.  David will also look at other UK utilities and also share some insights from utility arrangements around the world.

David is the Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Stantec with over 40 years’ experience predominantly in the UK water market. He has a proven ability to drive business growth, manage operations, and lead large-scale consulting assignments and infrastructure delivery programmes. Specifically, David has first-hand knowledge of the UK water reform journey and the different investment and delivery approaches of various suppliers in their attempt to deliver the programmes of work required by the water regulator (OFWAT). He holds a number of board director positions, and is a passionate leader on Health & Safety, undertaking site audits to positively reinforce H&S culture.

David holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Civil Engineering, a Master of Business Administration, and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Programme, Harvard Business School. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Institution of Civil Engineers.

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